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About Quikscribe

We produce the World's most advanced digital dictation and digital transcription system specifically designed for the legal industry. We do not make this claim lightly, and we back it with one of the most potent guarantees in the industry.

The reason is because we have designed and developed a revolutionary new audio format called an IAF (Intelligent Audio File). Rather than just be able to record and edit audio like other digital transcription products the IAF (Intelligent Audio File) can handle audio, text, images, databases and much more. As a result we have taken dictation dictation and digital transcription to a new level, with many unique features, as detailed below.

Ability to cut and paste text attachments within audio files. Thus saving considerable dictation and transcription time if existing precedents or reference documentation is being used to create a document.

Ability to capture and insert screen shots within audio files. A picture can be worth a thousand words, so instead of trying to explain something, you can now show it. This is ideal for creating user manuals or technical documentation.

Ability to insert other documents or files within audio files. Which means, rather than make reference to other supporting documents and files, you can now insert the files within a IAF (Intelligent Audio File) and send the lot as a complete file.

Ability to instantly Undo and Redo (unlimited) audio edits. Never again do you need to rewind within an audio file when you make a mistake. Simply press the Undo button and remove your last edit or multiple edits instantly. Likewise, if you ever accidentally record over a section, simply press Undo and your original audio is still intact.

Ability to load share large audio files.If a large audio file is required to be transcribed in minimal time, it is possible for multiple typists to transcribe the same audio file, each transcribing different parts of the same file.

Each file has a built-in database, which keeps track of the file's history. As a result, the Quikscribe Manager can interrogate any file, at any time and find out its current status. Or, it can interrogate an entire queue or multiple queues and give you status of every file plus the total backlog down to the last second.

Ability to seamlessly produce web-ready C.B.T. (Computer Based Training) content in real-time behind any Widows-based application. Quikscribe is able to display BMP, PNG, JPEG and WMF images with a total of 113 different screen wipes. Plus it supports export and import abilities, which means post editing (audio or images) is also possible.

Built-in interactive multimedia training. The first time that a Quikscribe Recorder is installed and started, a a built-in interactive training tutorial that explains how to use the Quikscribe Recorder Hand Control. As you select each button with either the Hand Control or mouse, text appears explaining what and how the button works. After a little bit of practice you will find that the hand control becomes second nature, whereby you can record and edit audio, while doing several other things at the same time. After completing the tutorial, you can start creating and recording real files. If at any time you want to access the Hand Control training again, simple select the Help menu and then "Hand Control Training"

Able to record, edit and compress at the same time. The Quikscribe Recorder can record, compress and edit audio all at the same time. The major benefit is that your audio files are kept very small, which significantly increases your storage space the the time to send a file. The Quikscribe Recorder also provides the option for Post Compression and No Compression, depending on your circumstances or requirements. For example, if you have an older type PC and it does not have the resources (power) to record and compress at the same time, then Post Compression can be used. If you are making C.B.T (Computer Based Training) content and you plan do do post-editing, it is recommended that you use No Compression.

Able to send audio emails automatically. Quikscribe, with its real-time compression, and email capabilities makes it possible for you to use the program to send audio emails. This saves time since most attorneys can speak faster than they can type.

Ability to operate mobile. Quikscribe can operate on a laptop computer. Quikscribe also imports formats created using other portable digital recording devices.

No single Point of Failure - Unlike other Enterprise Transcription solutions, Quikscribe is not dependant on a central server to operate. Therefore, it is basically impossible to stop Quikscribe from working, whereas if a server centric solution fails the entire enterprise can be brought to a halt.

Flexible and Scalable - It is possible to install just one Quikscribe Recorder and Player or you can install ten thousand units across 50 cities in 10 countries and Quikscribe still functions effectively and efficiently.

Full Enterprise Application Integration - The IAF (Intelligent Audio File) used in conjunction with the supporting interfacing documentation, makes it possible (for the first time) for organizations to fully integrate their dictation / transcription system with all of their other enterprise systems so as to optimise their current business processes.

At this stage we would like to tell you that Quikscribe is the best solution in the World for your needs and that you should purchase it, but the reality is, depending on your specific needs and requirements, Quikscribe may not be the best solution for you. In fact, you may
require a hybrid solution or maybe a solution that we do not offer.

For example we do not make a portable digital solution, but if this is what you require, then we highly recommend that you purchase an Olympus DS3000 or Olympus DS2000. Both of these units produce .dss (Digital Speech Standard) files. Since Olympus currently makes the best portable solution, we have made both the Quikscribe Player and Quikscribe Recorder capable of importing the.dss format.

So in summary, we believe the Quikscribe digital dictation and digital transcription system are the most unique and powerful solutions for the legal community, but we also understand that we can not be all things to all people. So be sure to let us help you evaluate your digital dictation and digital transcription needs, and make sure that you select the right solution for your environment. Click here to contact one of our sales representatives.

If at this stage you have not already done so, go to our download page an download an evaluation copy of the Quikscribe Recorder and Quikscribe Player and put our product through it's paces.

Warmest regards,

Bruce E. Hause
Digital Technology, LLC
U.S. Distributor

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