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What Attorneys are saying .....

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Quikscribe has dramatically improved our handling of dictation. No more misplaced tapes, no more loss of information due to occasional defective tapes and most importantly great audio quality. Before we changed over to Quikscribe, I sometimes dictated long tapes with multiple projects, leaving my secretary with no flexibility to access priority work on the tape.

My secretary sometimes struggled to get work out on time when I produced a high volume of dictation. Now, I dictate into a mike easily plugged into a standard port on my computer, and I promptly send each of my dictation projects directly to my secretary's computer with one click of my mouse. She can work on a file instantly while I move on to other dictation. Our turnaround time has increased tremendously.

We both love the automatic file notification indicator which pops a message onto her computer screen when I send her a new dictation project. We wouldn't think of going back to a tape system...and our startup with Quickscribe was absolutely seamless. It's the easiest to learn new legal software I've ever encountered.

Jane Roach
Jane Roach, P.C.
726 Ann Street
Stroudsburg PA 18360
Phone 570.421.7009
Fax 570.421.7039

What Secretaries are saying .....

I have had the pleasure of using the Quikscribe transcription system for the last 6 months and have had to use it concurrently with an old tape based transcribing system.

Quikscribe outshines the old system in so many ways.
It has no need for a physical transcribing machine, no tapes to lose, break or distort, no need to remember to wipe your tapes or fear running out of tape, clearer voice recordings using the fitted microphone, and no need for continuous pressure on foot control.

Of course there are many new features that my old transcription systems could not provide, like instant receipt of audio files, quick keyboard controls, labelling of sound files with priority and comments fields, unlimited sound file length, ability to insert position markers, ability to cut and paste text within the audio file by the author, allowing the typist to paste this text into their current document and the list just goes on.

I have found Quikscribe to be very friendly, helpful and eager to assist at all times.

They are continually looking at ways to improve their Quikscribe system and welcome any suggestions for improvement or ways to customise the program to suit a particular situation.

The Quikscribe transcription system is a credit to them and I wish them well.

Pam Fry, Legal Secretary
Murray, Backhouse and Turner
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
Ph (02) 6648 7600
Fax (02) 6648 7666

What Virtual Assistants are saying .....

As a virtual assistant, digital transcription capability means I can get more work done for more clients - no matter where they are located. After a lot of research on the Internet, I found the Quikscribe system, and it was by far the best in terms of size, price, and ability to transcribe a number of file formats - an important consideration given that I have audio files coming from diverse sources.

I have been a VA since February 2000, initially working part time, but in the nine months that I have had the Quikscribe system I have been able to increase my business to such a level that not only am I now working full time in my business, but am contemplating hiring subcontractors to assist me
with the workload. None of this would have been possible without digital transcription.

The technology makes it easy for clients to send their work to me, without having to rely on overnight post or couriers - which are the only options available with tape transcription. This not only saves costs, but also increases their efficiency and hence productivity.

One of the claims of the VA Industry is that having a VA is just like having someone in the next office. The Quikscribe digital transcription system not only makes this claim a reality, but enables users to take advantage of the other benefits of outsourcing work to a VA including overnight turn around of work, reduced overheads and lower transcription rates offered by VAs across the country.

I cannot fault the Quikscribe team who back up a superb product with excellent after-sales service. Always available and always willing to listen to users' suggestions, this Australian group of innovators are world class.

Lyn Prowse-Bishop, MVA
& Certified EthicsChecked VA
Executive Stress Office Support
PO Box 1036, Oxley Qld 4075
Tel/Fax: 617-3379-8360
Mobile: 0417-648172

What Educational Institutions are saying .....

"Following comprehensive trial during 1999, TAFE NSW purchased the Quikscribe Digital Transcription Training Program in 2000 for 90 colleges. The Quikscribe System makes transcription training easier for teachers as the learning resources are available to each student from the server and there are ample lessons to cover the module requirements. It is faster to access lesson materials and the audio quality is excellent as well as providing a variety of speakers. Students are trained on a system that is relevant to today's technology. The Quikscribe Transcription Program also provides cost benefits because there are no tapes to replace or broken transcribing machines to repair."

Allan Drew, Director
Business & Public Administration Division
TAFE NSW Australia
Ph (02) 9217 4150
Fax (02) 9217 4071

What Personal Assistants are saying .....

During the last twenty years that I have been a legal secretary, I have not yet come across such a revolutionary system for transcription of dictation until I was introduced to Quikscribe. There are no more lost or misplaced tapes and no need to erase tapes. Workflow management is greatly increased and the audio quality is superior to any system that I have ever worked with before.

Amanda Breakspear
Legal Secretary
Justice of the Peace
(Reg No 8706531)
Ph (02) 9264 6644
Fax (02) 9264 6622

What System Administrators are saying .....

The most important thing I can say about Quikscribe is that I find them to be very reliable. If they say they are going to ring me or E-mail me, they do and if they say they are going to send me something, they do. Also, if they say they are going to research something or they say they are going to work on a hardware/software change request, they do.

Very importantly too, they keep me informed of what is going on. I don’t have to chase him!If something is lost in the mail, or they can’t find an instruction book for me, they let me know. I also find them to be very progressive and they look at problems laterally, which I really like. They are always looking for better ways to do things.

One of our partners and his secretary trial 1 Recorder and 1 Player. They both loved the software, but they both had some very good suggestions for change requests to the hardware and software. All of these change requests were passed on to them by telephone and/or e-mail. Once they had discussed them with me, and then spoken to their programmers regarding the software and/or hardware changes, our change requests were promptly implemented or seriously considered for future versions of the Quikscribe software.

Now that our main change requests have been implemented, we have bought a Quikscribe Recorder for every Solicitor in the firm and a Quikscribe Player for every Secretary in the firm. Basically, the Recorders and Players will just replace, one-for-one, all of our present “dictation equipment” (incidentally, this type of equipment has never changed, in all the years I have been in legal!).

I am now going to work on a change request list for a server version of Quikscribe involving “Administrator Rights” to the software i.e. who is typing what files, how many files each user is typing and how long it is taking, who is forwarding which files and to whom, etc. Also, things like Administrator Rights to “lock out certain people” from forwarding files, etc.

Ultimately, these change requests will be a list of “stats” which can be shown to the partners.  They will be special rights to the software, which only the System Administrator will have access to (i.e. as a means to control the workflow throughout the firm).By the way they are keen for me to work on this list of change requests, which is most encouraging!

I highly recommend Quikscribe as a very reliable company who is extremely capable with both computer hardware and software. I would be more than pleased to discuss our Quikscribe set-up, with any firm considering the installation of Quikscribe software.

Vicki Mounser
System Administrator
Leitch Hasson & Dent Solicitors
Level 12, 162 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph (02) 9264 6644
Fax (02) 9264 6622


What remote office uses are saying .....

Advanced Personnel Management (APM) provide Injury Prevention and Management Services throughout Western Australia (head office in West Perth with regional offices in Albany, Bunbury, Broome, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Rockingham), the Northern Territory, Tasmania and New South Wales.

The Quikscribe Dictating System has allowed APM to offer efficient, consistent administrative support to staff in remote locations and ensure the quality and standard of reports to customers Australia wide is consistent.

APM have been using the Quikscribe Dictating System for approximately four months and the technical support in the setting up of this system from the Quikscribe team has been exceptional.

APM would recommend the Quikscribe Dictating System to any company who regards "efficiency" and "professionalism" as priorities.

Val Sneddon
Administrative Secretary
Advanced Personnel Management
58 Ord Street
Ph (08) 9486-1244
Fax (08) 9486-1344

What IT Managers are saying .....

There are many things about Quickscribe that I like. It is very easy to Set-up and configure. The ease of use and the reliability of the units. The support I received has been first class in response time and updates and they keep me updated on the latest software improvements and any questions I have are answered very quickly.

One of our partners and his secretary trialed 1 x Recorder and 1 x Player. They both loved the ease of use and the way it made dictation so easy. The old system we use is very hard to learn and the time it took to train one new user I could have trained 4 with Quickscribe. The software interface is user friendly and easy to understand.

A lawyer from another law firm recently stopped by and used the software for a short period. She said that is was great and she fell in love with it and wanted to take it back to her own office and use it.

What I found that if you spend a little extra on purchasing good sound cards, you are able get the excellent audio quality from the Quikscribe, whereas if you use cheap sound cards you get background noises etc.

I have found that Quikscribe is not only great for dictation and transcription, but also as a training tool.

The QS Manager software is great in helping to give out bonuses for staff performance and to helps with workflow management.

I have also been able to use the Quickscribe software to produce training CD's.

Overall it is a great time saver in many ways.

Eddie Scott
System Administrator
Baldock Stacy & Niven
Ph. 0263622022
Fax 0263631760
Mobile 0407411745

What Medical Professionals are saying .....

I have been using the Quikscribe System on a daily basis in my allied private health practice for more than six months. It has been a major and key factor in enabling my practice to increase its efficiency, volume and quality of record keeping. I have never written a testimonial for any product or service before and am motivated to do so in this case due to the quality of the product plus the at least equally important cheerful, quick and effective backup service.

Michael Lawrance.
Occupational Therapist
911 Ligar St, Ballarat, Victoria 3350
Ph (03) 5332 2400
Fax (03) 5333 4100

What an Ex Dictaphone users has to say .....

I used the Dictaphone Boomerang system for the last several years. At first, the system appeared to be very innovative--as there really was no other competition. Over time, however, the system proved to have many problems. Though the hand microphone unit (which connected to the computer) was very good, the portable dictation devices (such as the Trec) created for use with the system were substandard--in fact, I was told by Dictaphone that they had many problems with the units.

Because the system was designed to utilize the Windows mail system, I could not upgrade our office computers to anything beyond Windows 98. Even with new computers installed with Windows 98 Second Edition (which was getting more difficult to have installed on new computers), we had problems using the Boomerang software--either for use with dictation or for use with transcription. When the software worked, at times, we had problems with corrupt files as well as losing dictated files because of some "glitch" in the system. Consequently, we were required to periodically do manual maintenance (to "compact" and delete files) because of memory issues.

I found innovation at Dictaphone to be extremely slow. Moreover, in my opinion, I did not get the impression that they had the ability to keep up with current technology changes. By comparison, Quikscribe is a powerful product with innovative features. What's more, it was very easy for me to set up myself. Unlike the upgrade Dictaphone product, Quikscribe does not require any dedicated workstation or dictation server. Moreover, the Dictaphone product is far more expensive. The people at Quikscribe have been very responsive to our needs--and it is apparent that they are constantly striving to improve their product. I do not ,in any way, regret having changed over to the Quikscribe dictation system

Israel Suster
Israel L. Suster Law Office
1316 Village Creek Drive, Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093
(972)380-4517 Fax

What Virtual Assistants are saying .....

As a Virtual Assistant I am always looking to improve the range of services that I offer. I have heard about the Quickscribe Transcription System for several months, but kept on procrastinating! I finally purchased the system and was very surprised how quick and easy the installation was. I was doing the built-in tutorial within minutes of installing, and can't believe how easy it is to operate.

The User Manual is one of the easiest manuals that I have ever come across. It is concise and extremely user friendly. I will have no hesitation in recommending their service to my fellow VAs.

Jenny Underwood
Underwood Secretarial Service
P O Box 1188
Box Hill Vic 3128
Tel: 0427 629 010

What Medical Typists are saying .....

Quikscribe has saved my sanity. No longer do I have to listen to indistinct audio tapes. With Quikscribe I can hear all the dictation as clear as a bell - this is especially important with medical terminology.

Using the Quikscribe Audio Converter (which was provided free) allows me to transcribe almost any audio format including MP3 and MP2.

Lastly the service and assistance I have received from Quikscribe personnel has been marvelous and I cannot recommend them or their product too highly.

Marylynn Barnes
MB Secretarial Services
9 Grover Street
Victoria 3044
Mobile: 0407 304 915

What Legal Secretaries are saying .....

I have been using the Quikscribe transcription system for the 4-6 weeks and have had to use it concurrently with an old tape based transcribing system and also with an Olympus voice recorder. I can import the Olympus files into the Quikscribe system and now only need to one footpedal and headset to operate both. Quikscribe takes away the need for a physical transcribing machine, there are no tapes to lose, break or distort and no need to remember to wipe your tapes.

Quikscribe's features of instant receipt of audio files, quick keyboard controls, labelling of sound files with priority and comments fields, unlimited sound file length, ability to insert position markers, ability to cut and paste text within the audio file by the author, allowing the typist to paste this text into their current document, are just fantastic.

Quikscribe has been very, very helpful at all times and any time I had a query it was always answered promptly and with great enthusiasm. I really love the Quikscribe system and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. It's a great product and very easy to use.

Carolann Morgan
Legal Secretary
168 Collins Street
Hobart Tas 7000
Ph (03) 6224 4133
Fx (03) 6224 4166


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