Preparation Steps for Migrating Quikscribe Profiles to Network Folder


Storing the individual user profile files in a common network folder will provide the ability to centrally manage the user profiles, instead of having to visit each user workstation to make or verify changes.


The QS Recorder creates a default user profile called recorder.pfl with the initial installation. In order to store the profile in a common network folder, each profile will need to have a unique name associated with the user, keeping the file extension .pfl


For example, author John Smith would have a new profile name such as Smith_John.pfl. You may use any naming convention that makes sense for your organization, just as long as each user has a profile file with a unique file name. For larger organizations, using the lastname_firstname or lastname_initial convention will make it easier to retrieve the profiles using the QS Profile Editor, as the list is sorted alphabetically.


Migration Steps:

  1. In QSR Settings, identify the folder that contains the user profile. This is shown under the File Management tab as the Profile File.
  2. Go to the specified Profile File in Windows Explorer, and rename the recorder.pfl file the new name (Smith_John.pfl)
  3. In QSR, select File, then Change Profile. Click on the drop-down box and select the new profile name from the list, and click OK.


This is all that needs to be done to prepare the user profile for the migration. The Silent Install script will capture the user profile and store it in the newly defined network folder, according to the defined path in the Silent Install script.